Reactivate a derelict spaceship in zero-gravity. Experience vivid memories from your past.
A story-based sci-fi adventure for PC, Mac and Linux. Available for preorder now.
krangGAMES is an independent game dev company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Founded in December 2010, it's run by game designer and developer Nick Yonge.

Currently, krangGAMES is focused on its sci-fi adventure game, Emerald.
Successfully funded via Kickstarter, Emerald is available for preorder.

krangGAMES has produced several critically successful web games,
such as i saw her standing there, Nyan Cat FLY!, and PRIOR.

A few of our games have been nominated for multiple categories in,
and selected as finalists for, the Canadian Videogame Awards.

Critical praise of our games and work has been pretty awesome.

Though our experience is mainly rooted in webgames via Flash,
we've also worked with other engines like Unity and UDK
and have worked on standalone and mobile games.

YouTubers: check out our video policy.
tl;dr: monetize that shit.


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Nick Yonge, Portfolio
Founder, Director, MCS-EOOEJ of krangGAMES

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