Reactivate a derelict spaceship in zero-gravity. Experience memories from your past.
A new sci-fi adventure game, by @nickyonge and krangGAMES Inc.

Releasing 2014


The Ship is floating, dead in space, adrift in the interstellar void.

In zero-gravity you navigate its haunting, labyrinthine corridors. Through flickering terminals
you bring electronic subsystems back to life. Hidden ciphers and encrypted secrets tease the
periphery of your senses. Vivid, interactive memories of your past hint why you're even aboard
this vessel. What brought your original mission to a standstill? What action you take next?

Emerald Core Credits
Game by Nick Yonge of krangGAMES
Music and Sound by Power Up Audio
Concept and Environment Art by Trudi Castle
Promotional Art by Miniboss

© 2013 krangGAMES Inc.
All rights reserved.

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